At While You’re Away, we know as well as you that many things can go wrong when you’re away from your Pinellas County home. Our beautiful area is prone to moisture and heat issues, storms, mold and a variety of other potential problems. That’s where our Home Watch Services come in!

While You’re Away comes to your home on a pre-determined basis and checks to the interior and exterior of your property to look for potential issues that may arise. If we discover anything, we will contact you immediately and, if needed, coordinate with you to have the problems fixed or remediated.

As a While You’re Away Home Watch client, we will set up a custom home watch plan based on your specific needs. We will complete and send to you a detailed Inspection Checklist every time we visit your home, along with the date and time the visit was completed.

Some Of The Things We Check:

Doors and windows.

Signs of rodents or insects.

Post storm/disaster checks.

Flush toilets.

Run all faucets.

Signs of mold and mildew.

Run A/C and re-set as needed.

Make sure main water valve is off.

Water heater check.

Visual inspection of entire property.

Immediate reporting if there is an issue.

Coordinate Repairs and Maintenance.

In addition to our Home Watch Services, we also offer premium Concierge Services if you would like them.

Concierge Services Include:

Package pick-ups.

Coordinate cleaning services.

Open and prepare home for your or your guest’s arrivals.

Close down home after you or guest departs.

Conduct walkthroughs with renters before and or after rental periods.

Inventory count before and after guest leave.

Pressure Washing of house, lanai, driveway and walkways.

Hurricane shutter installation & removal.

Airport transportation (Existing Clients Only)

Automobile care and vehicle Start Up (Weekly/Bi-Weekly, Monthly)

Vehicle cleaning services.

Waiting Services: company, service, repair, delivery and installation.

Grocery shopping and stocking

Plant care: watering, moving, etc.

Air filter replacement.

Light bulb replacement.

Smoke detector battery replacement.

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Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Accredited Members of the National Home Watch Association.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Accredited Members of the National Home Watch Association

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